Monday, February 11, 2019

Injured Ent of Salem Commons

If you hang out at the Salem Commons you may occasionally see me hugging this ancient Ent tree whenever i am walking by. This tree is HUGE! You cannot capture how magnificent it is in a photo. Sort of like the Grand Canyon photos that everyone tries to take! I am not sure how old this being is, at least 100 years? Who knows what he has seen. (I know trees do not have gender but i feel as if there is a more yang feel to him.) 

We had a wild wind storm over the weekend. Yesterday as i was walking towards the Salem Commons i noticed yellow crime scene tape blocking the entrance and around the tree. Of course everyone ducked under it and paid no heed to it. My dear friend lost a major branch. 

I gathered a few pieces of bark and broken branches so i could place on my earth altar in honor of him. Around 5:00 pm my husband and i returned to gather more branches so i could make wands and spirit dolls. This tree has powerful energy and i would love to have a wand with his magic. I do hope the city of Salem does not cut the entire tree down. I will have to be one of those crazy people who chain themselves to the tree to save it!

This was taken Halloween night 2018. I am sure this tree has several elementals tending to him!

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