Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Costume Time!

Finished making my headpiece for my Fae Halloween costume. Hard to photograph! Will take more photos when we are all dolled up tonight and roaming through Salem. Will be wearing a red wig with this crown along with elf ears and a green velvet cape. My husband will be in his usual Gandalf garb. Yes.. we have watched the Lord of the Rings one too many times.

So happy to actually wake up in Salem MA on Halloween.... and even better - we live here. Last year we came to the Witch City to visit for the high holiday. It was then we made the decision to move back by this Halloween. Oh Aunty Em.... there is no place like home and a little magic to get you back. I am grateful. 

Scenes from Halloween 2010 - the last Samhain we lived here before we moved away. 

Happy Halloween Blessed Samhain to All!

Wishing all a very magical and safe Halloween. 
Samhain blessings to all. 

Love the vintage Salem MA postcards!

Monday, October 29, 2018

Mother Nature's Autumn Magic

A stroll down the bike path to Collins Cove beach. Mother Nature had her fall paints out yesterday.

I missed seeing the gorgeous hues of Autumn that only happen in New England. So happy to be back in Salem MA!

Friday, October 26, 2018

The Trees of Salem Commons

Nothing like taking a stroll through the Salem Commons on a brisk autumn day for creative inspiration!

Sacred Tree of Life Pendant with freshwater pearls. 
Charged with Reiki.

Created with love and a touch of magic by jeanie mossa 
Salem MA

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Spirit Dolls of Salem MA

Blessings of Gaia
Framed Spirit Doll

Dances with Sticks

These dolls were created with found branches, sticks, recycled fabric, sari ribbon, semiprecious stones, shells, feathers and found treasures. Their faces are made from hand-sculpted and painted eco-friendly paper clay.

Both Spirit Dolls are now residing at The Witchery located on Pickering Wharf in Salem MA and waiting to be adopted into the perfect home. 

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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Moment of Zen

Collins Cove, Salem MA before the rain hit on Tuesday 10/22/18.

I get my best ideas and daily moment of zen whenever i walk over to Collins Cove. So grateful to be back in the Witch City! Still hard to believe that we are really here again. 

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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Meet Our Resident Familiar

Meet Nubi juan Kenobi, my familiar and the snoopervisor of Practical Magic Salem. When we adopted Nubi his real name was Anubis - which is perfect for him since he does think he is a God and a dog. However, we did not really want the  Egyptian God of embalming and the dead roaming through our home we renamed him Nubi juan Kenobi. We adopted Nubi in Salem MA and he has been through 3 moves with us. 

Also known as The Boy, Pope Nubius, King Nubius, Count Poosula and Mr Poosehead depending on the day and his mood! Nubi is 16 and will be turning 17 in December. We share the same birthday. No shock there.

As you can see he has magnificent fangs - which seem to be growing as he ages.

Nubi loves to do yoga and hogs the mat whenever possible.

His new favorite spot is my sun porch studio where he sun bathes and makes sure that everything is running smoothly at Practical Magic Salem. He is so happy to be back in the Witch City where black cats are revered and loved! 

Woooo hooo Witchy Woman...

Witchy Woman Earrings
sparks fly from her fingertips...

Magical Labradorite awakens psychic abilities. Said to help connect with the Spirit Realm. Used for protection. Silver pentacle charm. Silver plated ear wires. NO NICKEL! Organza gift bag included.

Witchy Woman Earrings

Rose Quartz calms the mind, body and soul. Aids in all kinds of love. Silver pentacle charm. Silver plated ear wires. NO NICKEL! Organza gift bag included.

All semiprecious stones & crystals are charged with Reiki. 

Handcrafted with love and a touch of magic by jeanie mossa
Salem MA

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Monday, October 22, 2018

Amazing Pizza....Aromatherapy in Salem MA

Nothing like the scent of damn good pizza wafting through the air when you are walking the dog. So therapeutic! Who needs essential oils when you have the aromatherapy of pizza and across the street the beach?

If you are visiting Salem MA, or better yet live here- i recommend trying a slice of pizza (or a whole pie) from Amazing Pizza. Tucked into that tiny little house on Webb Street across from Collins Cove. They even have parking. 

This crust and yummo! I love that their food is all organic and natural. The staff is friendly and the owner is a hoot. Best part- we can walk there.

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Witchy Bubble Wands... Make a Wish!

This line of Witchy Bubble Wands was inspired by my many years of living in Salem MA. A town filled with history, magic and the Halloween capital of the planet! The fictional home of the witchy women in the movie and novel Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman and the book The Lace Reader by Brunonia Barry.

Semiprecious stones, crystals, glass beads and silver pentacle charm with non-tarnish silver wire. 24 inch silver ball chain included. (no nickel!)

For those who do not wish to wear pentacles we also have a line of Faery Wishing Bubble Wands.

Our line of Wishing Bubble Wands & Witchy Bubble Wands is now available at The Witchery located on Pickering Wharf in Salem MA. 

Also on our online shop Whispers of the O'Fae :

Each Wishing Bubble Wands comes with a recipe for eco-friendly bubbles. 

Blow a few bubbles and make a wish!

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Another Gorgeous Day in Salem MA

Collins Cove Salem MA
Scenes from our walk to the cove on Friday 10/19/18

Quan Yin Kali Wu enjoying another lovely fall day at Collins Cove.

Have i mentioned how happy we are to be back in the Witch City!!!!!

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Friday, October 19, 2018

Wicked Stroll through the Salem Commons

This photo was taken in the Salem Commons, the last Halloween we were here in 2010 before moving to Muggleville VA in 2011. 

Our pup Quan Yin Kali Wu was only one at the time. Precious memories. So happy to be back in the Witch City where nobody blinks an eye if you are in costume or donning a witch hat!

The Salem Commons is one of the most gorgeous parks to walk through. Lots of benches, trees and squirrels. During snow season it becomes a winter wonderland. A lovely place to stroll and people watch. 

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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Things to Do in Salem MA

For all those who are visiting Salem MA, i thought i would put together some links to help plan your trip.

If you are planning to visit during Halloween in the Witch City please do expect to pay for parking. 

A word of advice - Do not park on streets where the orange Resident Only signs are up. You will get ticketed and maybe towed. The residents of Salem are very protective of their parking spaces. (Much like George Costanza of Seinfeld!) Parking is precious here. There is just not enough. If you really want to experience the insanity of the parking be here during a snow storm when the city declares a Blue Light Parking Ban Emergency.

If you are visiting for one day during October, take the train into Salem instead of driving. It will save money, time and your sanity. 

Expect to walk a lot! Once you park that car you will not be able to move it until you leave. Wear comfy shoes and warm clothing under your costumes. 

Hotels fill up way before October. The prices soar as well. Best to stay in a neighboring city like Beverly or Danvers and take the train in or plan your trip a year in advance.

Enjoy your stay!

Here are a few sites that may help:

Destination Salem

The Salem Witch Museum

Peabody Essex Museum

Salem Maritime National History

Salem Witch Trials Memorial

Wednesday, October 17, 2018


Nothing like the sound of lapping waves to calm the soul. Loving being so close to Collins Cove to get my zen moments in. 

Not many tourists hang out here so it is even peaceful during the Halloween madness of Salem MA. Countdown...

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

DIY Spirit Art Doll Kits

Create your own art doll, poppet or ornament. hand-sculpted paper clay doll face, beads, moss, shells, feathers, yarn, sari ribbon, moon charm & more.

These kits are designed for those who do not want to run out and buy several types of supplies, beads, paper clay, etc to make one doll. Just add your own sticks, fabric and imagination!

Kits are available at The Witchery on Pickering Wharf in Salem MA and our online shop.

For more detailed instructions on how to create a more elaborate art doll, including how to work with paper clay, sticks, skewers and fabric we have a 1.5 hour online class on Udemy.  

Monday, October 15, 2018

Scenes from Derby Wharf Salem MA

Derby Wharf in Salem Massachusetts 

Taken after the MDA Witch City Motorcycle Ride on Sunday. The weather was gorgeous. 

Love walking down to the wharf to hunt for sea glass and watch the waves. The walk out to the lighthouse is a must. Be warned that it can be windy out there, so dress comfortably and wear a scarf. 

More about Derby Wharf and much better photos at:

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Sunday, October 14, 2018

MDA of MA 30th MDA Witch Ride

For the past 7 years while living in Muggleville VA,  i have lamented that we could not watch the MDA Witch Ride in Salem MA. Always held on the same weekend in October this event is a must see. 

I am not sure why i love this event so much. It is noisy. Lots of show-off bikers and smoke. But... it is sooooo Salem. And it is for a good cause. The costumes are amazing. Though hard to capture any great photos of costumes and amazing bikes while they zip by at the speed of light. I believe there are over 200 bikers that participate to ride from Boston Harley-Davidson in Revere to Shetland Park in Salem MA.

And today... finally... after 7 long years we were able to be there once again to witness this amazing event. Oh Aunty Em... there is no place like being back in the Witch City! 
More info at: 

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Good Morning from the Witch City!

Nothing like a morning jaunt to Collins Cove for a whiff of the sea to wake me up. Love the sound of the laughing sea gulls and the lapping water. Such good therapy for the body, mind and soul. I am so grateful to be back in the Witch City!

I get some of my best inspiration for the jewelry and art i create from these walks. Maybe the sea faeries are helping me! Wouldn't it be great to have a mermaid costume and sit on the beach and wave to tourists? 

Little Mermaid Necklace Freshwater Pearl

"Who says that my dreams, have to stay, just my dreams?"~ Ariel, The Little Mermaid

Spiritually pearls soothes the body, mind and soul while healing negativity. They are a symbol of rebirth, birth, new beginnings. The Chinese believe pearls aid in fertility as the help balance the body’s natural rhythms and hormone levels with lunar cycles. They are considered yin and a sign of the Moon.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Arwen's Grove Sacred Tree Pendant

Arwen's Grove Sacred Tree Pendant

Freshwater Pearls and Moonstone - Gems of love, fertility, purity. moon magic and the Divine Feminine

Arwen's Grove 
Sacred Trees of the Forest O'Fae
Arwen is the beautiful elven daughter of Elrond the Elf King in the Lord of the Rings series. She eventually gets married to Aragorn and becomes the Queen of Gondor.
This Sacred Tree pendant was handcrafted with antique bronze and peridot non-tarnish copper wire. Copper wire enhances the properties of the gemstones and is said to relieve pain. The leaves of the tree are small pink and ivory Freshwater Pearls. A flat Moonstone representing the moon sits behind the leaves. Another Moonstone sits on top of the pendant. 
Freshwater Pearls create a sense of calmness and balance. Said to promote  faith, truth and purity and enhance personal integrity. The are a symbol of the Inner Goddess, the sea and believed to aid with fertility. Folklore believes they are the tears of mermaids.
Moonstones represent the Divine Feminine, the magic of the moon, intuition and psychic abilities. It is a stone used for fertility and to express one's feminine nature. A stone of protection, especially in pregnancy, childbirth and travel. 
Measures about 2 inches wide and 3 inches long. A loop with a Moonstone bead sits at the top of the heart, so you may use your favorite chain, cord or ribbon.
Our Sacred Trees are handcrafted and are one of a kind pieces. They are not perfectly symmetrical as every tree in the forest is an individual.   
All crystals and gemstones have been cleared with sage and charged with Reiki healing energy. When you receive your crystal jewelry place an intention in it before wearing.
Make a wish on the full moon when you wear this magical amulet.
Each piece of jewelry comes with a lovely organza gift bag. Shipped by USPS Priority Mail with insurance.
Created with love and a touch of magic
by jeanie mossa
Salem MA

Welcome to my studio!

I have always wanted a sun porch art studio filled with plants, faeries and of course cats! And my wish came true with our new home. This is still a work in progress as we have only been here exactly one month and a few days. 

This is one side of the sun porch which can be seen through the kitchen window. There is plenty of light for the plants - although not sure how they will like it out there in the winter...or for that matter how i will either!

Not the best photo - this is my work area. Right now i am painting paper clay faces for DIY Spirit Doll kits. The floor is crooked so it does make it interesting when trying to place my bead carts with wheels. Lots of light here. 

Right now i have replaced the tacky Jimmy Buffett wicker blinds that were tattered from the last tenants with sarongs. Loving the boho look. I am sure it has confused the neighbors! Lots of space on the window ledges for crystals, plants and cats to hang out on.

I still need some sort of storage unit for all my supplies, tools & finished products. Fortunately Salem has a few great thrift shops and there is always a yard sale on the weekends to find these things.

More photos soon. Stay tune!

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Friday, October 12, 2018

Bikes with brooms...

You know you are in Salem MA when the rental bikes have cauldrons and brooms attached! Did you bring your broomstick?

This photo was taken while i was strolling down the Essex Street Mall yesterday. So elated to be back in the Witch City! 

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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Healing Pet Amulets

Semiprecious stones & crystals for rescues, abused and stressed out pets. These amulets may be placed on a collar, cage, crate or under a pet bed. 

All crystals & gemstones have been cleared & charged with Reiki. 

Our line of Healing Pet Amulets is now available at Coon's Card & Gift Shop in Salem MA & Sacred Circle in Alexandria VA. 

We are in the process of photographing the new cards which now say Made in Salem MA - instead of Alexandria VA. 

Wholesale inquires welcome!

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Happy Full Moon!

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