Monday, January 21, 2019


Wooohoo! We finally got a big batch of snow over the weekend. We were at Sandy Point Beach and Plum Island on Saturday afternoon when the first snowflakes started to fall. It was a stunning sight to watch snowflakes over the ocean. And we even saw a Snowy Owl. WOW! Amazing day. My camera phone just could not capture that moment. Then again, you can't photograph magic most of the time. 

Sandy Point Beach

Saturday afternoon, the city of Salem declared their infamous snow emergency with the Blue Light Parking ban in effect. This puts anyone who does not have a driveway into pure panic mode as cars must be removed off the streets or be towed. There is limited parking available at the public garages so it is a race to get a spot before they fill up. Thankfully we now are living in a home that has a driveway so i no longer have panic attacks when i see the blue lights flashing!

Our snow turned to ice on Sunday so walking the dog was a challenge. She was not happy about it either therefore these photos are not the best. 

I found some great fluffy yarn at the LifeBridge Thrift Shop in Salem and made some pom poms for my boots. My inner child is loving them!

The bike path has not been plowed yet. Too hard to walk to Collins Cove Beach today!

Quan Yin laying on a few warm towels and cuddling with her unicorn after her walk. 

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